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narrative essay writing

How to write a narrative essay

Narrative essay definition

In a narrative essay, a tale is told. Typically, this is a tale of a personal encounter you experienced. Contrary to most academic writing, this form of essay and the descriptive essay allow you to express yourself creatively and personally. Writing an engaging and imaginative narrative that adheres to a predetermined narrative structure is tested in narrative essays. They are frequently given in high school or in university composition programs. These strategies might be applied while composing a personal statement for an application.

What is a narrative essay for?

What is the Function of a Narrative Essay?

If your teacher gives you a narrative essay assignment, you might think, “Why does my teacher want to hear this story? Narrative essay subjects might range from significant to unimportant. The method with which you tell the tale is usually more important than the narrative itself.

You can demonstrate your ability to tell a tale in an engaging and straightforward manner by writing a narrative essay. You should consider where your story begins and finishes, as well as how to tell it using catchy language and a satisfactory

These abilities differ greatly from those required for conventional academic writing. For instance, in a narrative essay, the first person (“I”), figurative language, dialogue, and suspense are all encouraged.

Choosing a topic

The amount of guidance you are given concerning your topic in narrative essay assignments varies greatly. You could have to choose from a few options or concentrate on a very particular issue. Additionally, you can receive prompts that give you far more topical options.

In these situations, choosing a tale to convey may require more thought. The finest stories for narrative essays are those that can be used to discuss a specific theme or lesson or that take an unexpected turn at some point in the tale.

For instance, a trip where everything went as predicted would be less entertaining to recount than one where something unexpected occurred and you had to react to it. Pick an experience that might surprise or enlighten the reader.

Video Guide on How to Write a Narrative Essay

narrative essay writing

Narrative essays in college applications

When you apply to college, you might be asked to write a personal essay that tells a story about yourself.

For example, you have to write a narrative essay in response to this Common App question.

In this case, choose a story that is not only interesting but also shows the qualities the prompt is looking for—in this case, resilience and the ability to learn from mistakes—and tell the story in a way that highlights these qualities.

Types of Narrative Essays

There are two types of narrative essays to be put into narrative form:

descriptive narrative essay

This is the task’s most inventive configuration. The fundamental objective of a descriptive narrative essay is to vividly describe an experience, circumstance, or memory. The basic rule for creating a descriptive narrative essay is “Show, don’t tell.” The author’s objective is to arouse the senses of the readers and present a precise image of an event.

Typically, a descriptive narrative essay is simple to write. It simplifies a convoluted tale so that the reader can infer the remaining details. Excellent writers stay true to their purpose and refrain from hyperbole. When determining what to include in your writing, keep in mind that there are always some restrictions on the quantity of content you may offer to your audience.


You must provide a true account of your life for this assignment. Note that this kind of project should concentrate on a single distinct occasion. An autobiographical essay, in contrast to a descriptive one, focuses more on the narrative and its goal than on the specifics.

Features of Narrative Essays

The fundamental traits that characterize this kind of writing are as follows:

  • Non-fiction—written about events that happened;
  • Written from the author’s viewpoint (1st person);
  • includes elements of a story but is written with a basic structure;
  • provides information in chronological order;
  • uses lots of details to describe an event, person, or scene;
  • tries to inform readers of something, not argue or teach.

Narrative Format and Structure

The format and structure of the narrative essay are standard. Most students do not know how to write a standard narrative essay or how the various parts work together to finally form a narrative essay. They end up asking questions like, “What are the three parts of a narrative essay?” or “How many parts are in a narrative essay?”

At peer homework, we understand the magnitude of responsibility that comes with writing a narrative essay. In that regard, when students ask questions like, “What are the 7 elements of narrative writing?” or “What are the 5 parts of a narrative essay?” we help them by first outlining the format and structure of the narrative essay.

Like other assignments, this one typically follows a five-paragraph essay format: an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion in the last narrative paragraph. But, unlike other types of essays, each paragraph in a narrative paper has a clear purpose:

  • The beginning of a narrative gives the reader a hint about the plot, explains why the author wrote the story, and includes a hook to get the reader interested.
  • The first paragraph of the main body is about rising action.
  • Main body paragraph two—climax
  • Main body paragraph three—falling action
  • Narrative conclusion: lessons learned from the story

Narrative Essay Outline

You may be asking, “How do you write an outline for a narrative essay?” or “What is an outline for a narrative story?” We advise that you adhere to the precise order of events listed below when writing this kind of academic essay.

  1. Brainstorm ideas
  2. Pick the best topic.
  3. Define your purpose for writing the narrative essay.
  4. Plan your narrative; it should have rising action, a climax, and falling action, and you should be able to draw logical conclusions from it.
  5. Create an outline.

As mentioned above, if you approach your writing in the manner outlined above, it will go much more quickly and with less stress. returning to the narrative essay outline now.


The opening clause of your story has to accomplish three goals:

  1. Use a hook to draw readers into the story. Use a compelling question, fact, quotation, or statement to pique readers’ interest as the beginning of a strong hook.

Example: “I remember my sister once trying to kill me, but I’m not sure if that is a true memory or just some false notion that I’ve developed over time and become more convinced of.”

  1. Give readers a sense of the action and the setting. However, it should only provide a peek at the tale at this point; avoid giving everything away to keep your readers interested.

Example: “We were traveling from the beach back to our house on another hot summer day. “”The next thing I can recall is a loud bang followed by a sharp headache.”

  1. Establish the purpose of your essay. Ultimately, your narrative introduction should give some context for the main theme of the tale. Don’t share the lessons you’ve learned just yet; instead, give them a sneak peek of what’s to come. Keep them interested!

Example: “Sometimes, our memory can be a difficult thing. ” “You can obtain a whole new understanding of a situation if you alter your point of view.

A thesis statement is typically found at the beginning.

Thesis Statement for a Narrative Essay

The paper’s thesis statement is yet another crucial component. It should be expressed in the introduction and then reaffirmed in the conclusion to strengthen the essay’s overall impact.

Your key argument should be in a thesis statement. Its major objective is to draw the reader’s attention and present the issue or conflict that will be the subject of your article.

A strong thesis statement should not be a statement of fact or universal truth, nor should it be a recommendation, question, or proposal. Instead, it needs to offer a glimpse into the issue, quickly explain it, and offer some recommendations regarding the solution.

Main Body

The most crucial section of your essay is the body. In this section, you should narrate the tale, provide information, and direct readers through the action.

Depending on the overall word count of your document, the body of a narrative essay may have three or more paragraphs.

Here are four crucial considerations for your narrative essay’s body paragraphs:

  1. Include vivid and relatable content: A narrative essay aims to set the scene and the tone for the reader to follow. Even the best essay writers can take hours to write an essay with all the necessary details. However, be sure to overuse literary allusions in your words. As long as each sentence has a purpose, you’re good to go.
  2. Make use of dialogue: Engaging the reader in conversation is a good technique to get their attention again. A story can be brought to life and its mood supported through dialogue. Use this method wisely once more.

Example: Using British language when two New Yorkers are conversing won’t be a good idea.

  1. Write chronologically: If the author of a paper is direct, it will be simpler for readers to comprehend the timetable of events. The best way to keep your writing organized is to keep things in chronological order.
  2. Avoid deviating from the narration: Speaking in the first person works best when discussing a personal experience. Writing in the third person will make more sense if you are recounting a tale that you overheard from a friend.


You must provide some closing remarks on your story in the section that follows the conclusion. Here, you can reiterate some of the most important facts and concepts from the body.

You should also emphasize any lessons you’ve taken away from a certain circumstance and give readers something to ponder.

Example: “I’m conscious of how much these experiences have taught me when I mentally replay the incidents. There are at least two sides to everything that occurs in our lives. It is required to piece together all the details—to see all sides—in order to see the true picture. Furthermore, not all recollections may be relied upon. “”Our minds occasionally attempt to fabricate misleading narratives, don’t they?”

General Advice

It should be enjoyable to write a narrative essay. You are not forced to use a linear format without room for customization.

One of the most original and liberated essays I’ve ever written. But that doesn’t imply you should break all the norms and write something ridiculous.

Consider your story a coming-of-age tale if you’re still having trouble coming up with a topic. a circumstance that helped shape who you are now.

The readers’ journey is the main objective of your writing. Encourage them to learn from your experience by sharing it with them. The most engaging stories are those that take the audience outside of their comfort zones.

Let us now provide you with a few more pointers on how to construct a superb narrative story:

  1. Keep It Simple You should write narratives that are simple to read and comprehend. So, try to stay away from intricate syntax and phrasing. Be sure to use plain, unambiguous wording.
  2. Refrain from overusing details. A narrative essay should use vivid details to describe a story. But it’s crucial to use specifics selectively. Your word count will be constrained, as was already discussed, but you still need to leave enough room for your plot to develop fully. Decide to merely describe a few topics, pay attention to what matters, and provide value.
  3. Use the first-person narrative. Typically, narrative writing recounts actual experiences and occasions from the author’s life. You ought to refrain from writing in the second person because of this.
  4. Use dynamic words. A narrative story needs to be interesting and exciting. Keep it short, and avoid passive voice wherever possible.
  5. Limit References. The majority of MLA-formatted papers must have several references and in-text citations. However, this is a superior approach for a narrative essay. This kind of project is essentially much more personal, so it would be fantastic if you could write it using your thoughts and emotions. Cite any other useful sources you used in your essay on a “Works Cited” page.

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What are examples of a narrative essay?

A narrative essay is a story about an event, experience, or moment in time that allows the writer to express their own point of view Examples of narrative essays include personal essays, memoirs, and biographies

What is the best definition of narrative writing?

Essentially, writing a narrative is writing a story. A narrative can be either fiction or nonfiction, or it can fall somewhere in the middle, such as in the form of historical fiction, theatrical retellings of real-world events, or semi-autobiographical stories.

What is the basic purpose of a narrative essay?

It should be enjoyable to write a narrative essay. You are not forced to use a linear format without room for customization. The most engaging stories are those that take the audience outside of their comfort zones.

Your word count will be constrained, but you still need to leave enough room for your plot to develop fully. Use the first-person narrative. A narrative story needs to be interesting and exciting.

The majority of MLA-formatted papers must have several references and in-text citations. This kind of project is essentially much more personal, so it would be fantastic if you could write it using your thoughts and emotions.

How do you start a narrative essay?

The majority of narrative essays start with a pertinent story. By providing something unexpected or intriguing, you want to immediately pique the reader’s curiosity.

Additionally, it makes sense to begin your essay with a pertinent anecdote, as it is about you and your own experiences. In doing so, the reader is pulled into the world of your story and can more easily become invested in you and your narrative.

That being said, it is important to remember that your narrative should not just be a random anecdote; rather, you must craft the story in such a way that it supports and advances the overall message of your essay.

Do you use MLA format for narrative essays?

MLA stands for “Modern Language Association. It is a structuring method that is frequently used in classes in the liberal arts and humanities. You must follow the MLA formatting guidelines when writing a descriptive or exploratory essay.

The MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers has information on this. However, for your quick review, below is a simple breakdown of how to write a narrative article in MLA format. The sentences of an MLA-style descriptive or narrative essay are typically double-spaced in 12-point type.

All four sides must have 1-inch margins, and each paragraph must be indented by five spaces. Each page of your paper should have its own header and be numbered in the upper right corner. As opposed to APA, the MLA format does not require separate title pages.

How do you write a good narrative essay?

A great narrative essay should grab the attention of the audience, convey a memorable story, and come to a clear conclusion. It contains all of the typical elements of a story but is not as long as one.

Additionally, it should express your opinion of the narrative and your feelings toward it. The format and organization of the narrative essay are also quite important. These help your work look professional and be readable.

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